Pets are your precious possessions. But, they have the potential of becoming a lot more than mere possession too; thanks to the internet world and its reach! With the tools like Instagram, where every unique photo, character, video can turn a pauper into a prince and push it up to the level of a celebrity, one should not commit a mistake of taking pets and their interesting demeanor lightly. Here are some of the ways you can adapt to make your pet cat the most sought after among the cats of Instagram.

3 Things Helpful in Turning Your Cat Into Instagram Celebrity

1. Choose a theme and stick to it: You can pick any one aspect of cat’s rearing as the theme of Instagram account of your pet cat. Outfits, pet accessories, foods, sheltering space, their cuddling videos, and their adventures etc. during your stay are some of the ideas you can use to base the theme upon. Thus, you can make your Instagram account act like a solution provider for various cat rearing problems any pet lover faces.

The Instagram account can be used just to educate the people about the pet cat’s health needs, eating and sleeping space needs etc. or you can also use it to share some carefree moments spent with the cats which can be a source of entertainment to various funny and emotional pictures lovers. So, pick the theme you think you can collect enough material for and create a story around it.

The bits of it are to be served regularly so that followers look forward to impending action waiting for them in their one of the favorite cats of Instagram accounts.

2. Post regularly and use tricks like hashtags etc: It is always necessary to come up with something interesting on a regular basis. When enough material is accumulated, you must strive for posting daily. However, all important events, celebration days, festivals etc should never be missed and what you did with your cat on those important occasions should always be shared.

Such actions make great stories worth sharing and you are surely going to win a lot many views, shares and comments and followers on your Instagram account for our pet. Using tricks like hashtags can help you reach to larger audiences and makes your posts visible on all relevant platforms.

3. Learn to monetize the popularity: When you have achieved about 20,000 followers in your Instagram account, you have certainly come a long way. And it is now the time to taste the fruits of hard work that went into achieving such a big milestone. So, make it a point not to allow any product, service etc to use your platform for free for promoting their product.

You are protected by Copyright issues and your content is only yours. So, do ask for money in exchange for putting the pet’s picture with the brand’s product. After all, a true celebrity is one association with whom also comes with a price – so, why your celebrity cat is denied that honor?!!

Make use of all these points to ensure that your days spent with your pets are days well spent, and make them a source of inspiration for others too.


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