The dog parents often find it tough to carry their pup while traveling. In some cases, without a proper carrier, the dogs are not allowed to board public transport. To make your outdoor ventures, getaways and holidays safer for the pet and convenient for you, find the right dog bags and carriers online. These bags are specifically made in such a way that the dogs will remain safe in the breathable space. You can also carry the bag hassle-free outside your house without raising any concern. The posh dog bags are the ideal ones to travel in style and make your dog a style magnet.

Best Designer Dog Bags to Choose

Posh Puppies presents the best designer dog bags in the online store. The collection comprises of the best designs and formats that will surely serve your purpose. Here is the list of bags you can avail from the store to ensure a safe place for your pet on the move.

Canvas Style

This is a typical style bag that can carry the smaller breeds casually. You can carry the small pups like the way you carry your own sling handbag. The design comprises of a breathable space to fit in the smaller breeds. The meshed sides will allow air to pass. Your pet will also have enough space to pop out its head. These are the ideal carrier bags you can own to carry your dog comfortably.

Backpack Style

Imagine a backpack specifically made for your dog to stay fit and comfortable on our back! Nothing seems to be more suitable for a dog parent to carry their pet. The interior of the design comprises of a soft and breathable material so that your pet can remain comfy and cozy. They will have ample space to fit their legs and keep their head outside on the move. Your shoulders will not feel anything due to the comfortable shoulder straps.

Posh Leather Carriers

These are the must-have for the dog parents who like to travel in style. The natural material will keep the dog warm and cozy in the winter. In fact, leather is also suitable and compatible with the dog skin. These bags are very handy and durable.

Faux Fur

This is a particular type of bags made for the exotic breeds. The smaller breeds will find ample space inside to rest. They will not feel uneasy at all. The faux fur finish also provides an excellent look to the bags to carry along with your other stylish assets.

Rolling Carriers

These carriers are ideal for the medium and large sized dogs. When it becomes tough to carry them, you can roll the bag keeping them safe inside. The meshed side will offer ample ventilation to keep the dog comfortable.


From conventional to luxury, there are excellent designer dog bags in the collection of the store to find. Enter the online shop and find the right bag for your pup. Travel in style and make it comfortable for your furry friend.


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