You have decided to buy a dog run for your pet! There are several questions that pop into our minds when before we go and make a purchase. One significant question amongst the others is – what should be the size of the dog run that you would buy. The exact size of a dog run is decided by the breed of the dog.

What Should be the Exact Size of the Dog Run

  • Always remember that a puppy or the present size of your dog should not be used as a determinant to buy a dog run. Most pet houses and a veterinary will tell you exactly how big your dog is going to grow when it is adult. You can also look up on the internet and find out things on your own. However, dogs that come from mixed breeds may grow surprisingly different – bigger than you thought or the veterinary said it would grow to.
  • The size of your yard also plays an important role in the setting up of a dog run. If you have to leave your dog for long hours then you should use a bigger space. Moreover, a larger dog would need more room to run around and play compared to a smaller dog.
  • Your dog should be able to move around freely without having to crouch. It should also be able to stretch its body and sleep in any position as it is comfortable in. If the paws of your dog are sticking out from the dog run while sleeping then you need a bigger dog run for your furry friend.

Some Points to Keep in Mind While Keeping the Dog Confined in a Dog Run

  • The flooring of the kennel should be comfortable for the dog to run around, sit, sleep or play. Ensure it is kept dry and clean. Dirty dog runs are home to diseases which is unhygienic for the dog and you. Clean it every day before leaving your dog inside.
  • Make sure that the doghouse that you place in the dog run is positioned in a way that the climate doesn’t harm it. Excess sun rays, snow, wind or rain may cause damage to the kennel and your pet may feel uncomfortable.
  • Clean and fresh water should always be made available to the dog. Train your dog to eat the food when given to it. When food is left open there may be insects or small rodents that may eat it which is dangerous for your dog in case it tries to eat them along with the food.
  • Those living in extreme temperatures should insulate the kennel inside the dog run. You can look up for DIY videos and build it for them so they may also stay as comfortable as you stay within the confines of your home.
    Buying a dog run will help your dog grow healthily and safely. Look up dog run for sale around your neighborhood or on the internet and buy one for your pet.


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