Many would typically think of owning a dog or cat when deciding to have a pet. Although these animals are cute, portable, and you have many resources to care for them, it would be a unique experience to own a pet such as a horse!

But have you ever wondered, how does one take care of a pet horse at home? If you don’t own a farm as some people do, you may be discouraged to own a pet as big as a horse. Don’t fret! This article highlights the general steps on how to make your home accommodating if you are considering caring for a horse.

A farm is not a requirement, but you still need a large piece of land

As a general rule, horses need at least one acre of land to run and graze on. Even as ponies, they would still be requiring a generally large amount of space. Horses are not meant to be tied down, or else they would develop aggressive behaviors. Training horses for racing or leisure sport would also require you to have a large space. If you don’t have a large lot by your house, you can try to find a land nearby where the horse can run and graze.

Have a sturdy fence around the area

So you got your space, and you got your horse! The next step is to fence the area where your horse will be staying. Keep in mind that horses relatively like to run and walk around, and you don’t want to keep them wandering all over the place to the point that they are lost. You also need to keep watch of some people with bad intentions that may try to steal or hurt animals around the area.

Protect your horse from the elements

A fence and space won’t be enough. The next step is to build a shed for your horse. There are companies who can make Horse Run-in Sheds within the perimeter of your fence, to protect your horse from sudden weather changes, or when your pet decides to stay indoors for a quick rest. Since horses are not pets you can bring inside your house, it is important to have a high-quality shed that they can stay at in case it’s too hot or cold outside.

Assess all the food and water supplies

Your pet horse constantly grazes all day, and it also needs water so that it can replenish itself especially during summer time. You need to assess the grazing quality of the area to see if your horse will get enough food for the day. If this is not possible, you need to transport food and set up a food and drink shed for your pet horse.

When you care for a bigger pet, the bigger responsibility you might need to shoulder. With the right strategies and proper preparation, you can truly enjoy having a wonderful pet horse which is out of the ordinary.


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