Love them or hate them, the Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier vary somewhat in their build and size but are still commonly known as pit bulls.

There happens to also be a sub-breed called the red nose pit bull, which is prized by a number of pit bull breeders. This type of dog is an American pit bull terrier which has a red, rather than a black, nose and a red coat. For the conscious owner, reliable Staffordshire bull terrier insurance is not only a great idea but gives you peace of mind regarding their best interests, health-wise.

Size and Looks

As you may already be aware, pit bulls are muscular dogs and can vary in weight from around 16 to 39 kg. They sport very short hair and are seen in various colors and markings. Pit bulls characteristically have a large square shaped head with a defined jawline.

Their ears are naturally short and floppy, although it is possible for them to be cut shorter to make them stand straight and pointed.

This abominable practice is unfortunately carried out by illegal dog fighters so as to help in preventing any wounds gathered should the ear get bitten by other dogs.

Bad Reputation

As is well known, pit bulls have certainly acquired a bad name for being aggressive, vicious and dangerous to humans and other animals. But, to be fair, the temperament which is associated with hazardous canines is actually the result of careless and irresponsible ownership and using them in fighting rings.

Due to pit bulls being strong, not difficult to train and eager to please, they are a favored breed for illicit activities.

And sadly, many will become victim to abuse by the cruel training technique employed by the dog owner’s and in the fighting ring. Many of these dogs get discarded due to ending up in the hands of lowlifes, who deem them unwanted because they are not aggressive enough for their owners or they lose dogfights.

Tales and Otherwise

Over time, the myths and stereotypes which surround these dogs and their owners make up a minute percentage of the millions of dogs that are called pit bulls. One commonly held myth is that they have locking jaws. This is, in fact, false, even though they do have a strong jaw to hold on to things.

In fact, when it comes to the dog’s nature, they are very gentle, affectionate and reliable dogs. They usually follow a command and are loyal, family dogs that love children.

It is a rare occasion for a well looked after pit bull to attack someone or another animal without severe provocation.

In spite of their temperaments, pit bulls are obviously not for everyone. They need plenty of exercises and are extremely energetic. If you are considering being an owner, you should make a commitment to teaching it obedience training.


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