When the average person thinks about doggie daycare, they generally think of a place where the pampered pets of the rich take their pets to lap flavored water from bowls, and to lay around all day on fluffy bedding, while snacking on gourmet treats. In reality, doggie daycares are not just for the pets of the rich and famous, and moreover, there are more than a few reasons to ask yourself, if there is a doggy daycare near me? Here are a few of them.

Doggy Daycare Tips for Stressed Dogs

Separation is Stressful

As you go about your day to day activities, you have probably never considered the level of stress your dog experiences every time you walk out of your door. Even a short walk to your mailbox without your furry companion is enough to send them into a serious state of stress. Of course, every dog handles their stress levels differently, and just because yours does not yelp loud enough to wake the dead each time you leave, does not mean he is not experiencing some level of stress.

Stress Can Be Exhibited in a Number of Ways

Some pets only exhibit their heightened levels of stress in the first 30 minutes after they have been left alone, while others remain stressed at heightened levels the entire time they are separated from their owners. Some dogs pace, some cry, and then there are others who will urinate on the floor or furniture. Others will engage in destructive behaviors like pulling the stuffing out of pillows, for example, to relieve their stress.

There are a lot of dogs in shelters because their owners did not recognize their furry friends were in a state of panic when they had an accident in the house, they just labeled them a bad dog, without trying to investigate the reason for the behavior.

Stress is Dangerous

Your dog is no different than you are when it comes to how its body deals with stress. The human body releases cortisol and other stress hormones during stressful events, and so does your dog. Stress is natural and is a protective measure, however, it is not good for you or your dog to experience heightened levels of stress on a daily basis. When your dog’s stress level is elevated, their respiratory functions as well as their heart rate increases. Over multiple periods of time, this could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Yes, it’s true, dogs do have strokes.

You Can Help Relieve Your Dog’s Stress

The most important thing you need to remember about your dog is he or she is a social animal. They need to be around their human, or at the very least another dog. Experts in doggy behaviors believe pairing a dog who does not deal with stress well is a great way to help them be able to deal with their stress.

Taking your dog to doggie daycare is a great way to help keep the stress level down, as they will be able to get the socialization that they need from both human and canine friends. So stop wondering if there is a doggy daycare near me? Do a little research, and find one to investigate the types of packages they offer, and the types of activities they provide to help keep your pet happy and healthy.


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