If you are a family with multiple cats, it is important that all can understand the relationship within the ‘clowder’, so having a large cat tree with several platforms allows each cat to mark their territory on the perches.

If You Have Cats, Then This Is a Great Article for You

Dominant cats

The most dominant of the cats will claim the top spot on the cat tree and this lets the other cats position themselves lower down on the tree. Having a large cat tree helps also to reduce most of the physical confrontations between felines in the early stages of the relationship.

Sudden movements

It might be a good idea to keep your large cat tree away from any windows during the first act of introduction as any sudden movements might scare them.


Another benefit of a cat tree for large cats is that they instantly increase the size of your cats’ territory. If you are tight for space, then a cat tree will immediately add space – vertical space to the environment. A great solution to an apartment.


Cats are not always happy to share their private cozy space with others on a window sill. But, a large cat tree offers separate areas within a single environment so that they will be much happier and not feel their space is being intruded on.

A large cat tree that has many places for cats to relax and escape is the Kilimandjaro Cat Tree PLUS (Anthracite) that has several hanging platforms, beds and condos.

Last for years

A good quality cat tree for large cats will often last for years, so investing in a robust and strong one is certainly important.


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