Increasingly becoming more popular is the mobile veterinary clinic. It is popular due to the strong mandate from owners of a pet looking for the ease of these at-home services for their pets. Veterinarians finding this type of vet treatment center are much more affordable to open and operate than a stationary clinic. Many vets now have both, a stationary clinic and a mobile one. If you live in the Maryland area, you will find the best mobile vet in Baltimore.

The Newest in Veterinarian Medicine – the Mobile Vet

Saving on overhead

A recent article has found that the cost of beginning a stationary small animal clinic with most standard equipment is approximately $1,000,000. But a mobile clinic’s start-up cost is much more affordable at $250,000. Obviously, the items of equipment added to the vehicle have a relation on the overall expense, but the mobile choice can be quite attractive due to savings on costs of overhead such as property taxes and rent.

Information on business

Mobile practitioners must, of course, be licensed vets in the state that they practice veterinarian medicine in. The regulations governing the operation of mobile vet clinics vary widely among the various states. One can research the specific state rules and regulations on the American Association of Mobile Veterinary Practitioners website. There you can find all the needed insurance, licenses, permits or other official paperwork before opening a mobile clinic.

Mobile vehicle and equipment

Mobile vet clinics use a motor vehicle prepared with special medical as well as surgical equipment in order to make home or ranch/farm calls. Several manufacturers provide vehicles from 18 to 30 feet that can be equipped for use as vet mobile units. Cost varies widely based on the equipment that is added, but as mentioned before the total cost of equipment and vehicle averages around $250,000.


Usually, most mobile vets employ a vet technician to travel with them. The vet tech can provide any assistance with medical procedures, as well as answer client calls and scheduling of appointments. You need to find someone who is professional and comfortable working in the mobile environment.


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