Tibetan singing bowl meditation can be very helpful to us humans, but it can also be beneficial to speed up the recovery of pets especially if they have been injured recently. Because pets usually don’t have the social avenues to communicate directly with us, it might be tough to figure out if they are still in pain or still feel something that is not quite right. Thankfully, you can use sound therapy to help heal your pets.

Healing Your Pets and Other Animals Through Sound Therapy

Do animals have chakras?

Just like people, animals have energy systems. These systems are a part of their bodies. Through chakras, the flow of their energy is regulated throughout the body. A not so commonly known tidbit of information is that animal chakras are actually much larger than human chakras. They are a lot more active and stronger.

This is observable in animals as exhibited by how energetic they are. Using Tibetan singing bowl meditation, you can create a field of energy that can send positive vibrations to your pet. This will help them realign their chakras in such a manner that can help them heal from within.

A good example of using sound therapy to heal a pet is by using rhythm. If your pet has recently suffered an imbalance in their physique that may have caused them to sustain an injury, you will notice that using rhythm is a helpful way to help them regain their balance in footing, head movement, and even daily activities.

An injured pet may not be as interested in eating. On the flip side, an injured pet may eat more than they usually do which can be really unhealthy. To help them regain the balance that they need, you can conduct Tibetan singing bowl meditation as part of their sound therapy.

Increasing the rate of healing in pets

Use your intuition to figure out if it is time to move to a different strategy when you are trying to heal your pet. When you are healing your pet, you should keep in mind that the speed of which they recover will differ from other species of animals. If you are able to heal yourself with Tibetan singing bowl meditation within a week, do not expect the exact amount of days for your pet. As long as you are patient, use your knowledge, and base them off of experience, you will be able to fulfill the needs of your pets.

Your companion in life will be able to benefit greatly from sound therapy. If you have used sound therapy for your own benefit, you can also use it for the benefit of your pet in the long run. Other stimulating ways to heal your pet through sound therapy is by using music that they may be fond of or changing the noise that they constantly hear (white noise, brown noise, etc).

Tibetan singing bowl meditation benefits humans, but did you know sound therapy can also help your beloved pets? Check out our singing bowls at Earth’s Elements.


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