Everybody loves a dog that can do cool tricks like high-fives, roll over, and play dead (just check out the front page of Reddit), but having a happy and healthy relationship with your four-legged friend is much more complex than this. I know, it’s very tempting to watch a couple of YouTube videos or read a dog training book and attempt to train your dog yourself. The reality is though, dog training is far more complicated than we’re led to believe, and in most cases, you’ll find that your dog is only slightly more obedient or well-behaved after the first six months of DIY training.

Hiring a professional dog trainer has a myriad of benefits over DIY dog training, and the best time to start professionally training your dog is when you first bring him or her home. Professionally training your dog is rewarding for you, your pooch, and everyone who comes in contact with the two of you.

Finding the right trainer is also a key ingredient to a healthy and loving relationship, as the right trainer will be able to teach you and your dog how to communicate so you can build a faithful bond with your new best friend. Owning a well-trained dog has many benefits, so let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should professionally train your dog.

Building a healthy relationship

Building a healthy relationship between you and your dog is the key to success. Understanding how your dog learns is a vital step in enforcing positive training which rewards good behavior and allows you and your dog to build a relationship based on trust and respect. Instead of using fear and intimidation, dogs who learn positive reinforcement habits are more self-controlled, tolerant, and behave better in unfamiliar situations.

Developing good behavioral habits

The most prominent reason why people professionally train their dog is so they develop good behavior habits. Nobody wants to come home to find their dog eating the carpet or jumping all over guests when they visit your house. Developing good behavior habits will allow you and your dog to create a bond that enhances the security and comfort they can provide to your family.

Increasing their sociability

Dogs are very social creatures, so learning and understanding how to socialize with other dogs and people are essential. Particularly for younger pups, it’s vital that they have good experiences with all types of people and animals which will increase their confidence and lower the likelihood of them developing anxiety and discomfort in adulthood. Even if socialization isn’t your pup’s strong point, simply understanding how well your dog copes in social situations will allow you both to understand his or her limitations.

Learning about your dog

Professional dog trainers can intuitively pick up on potential problems that you can easily miss. Depending on the breed of dog, their personality, temperament, and history, a professional dog trainer will be able to provide you with all the information you need to build a happy and healthy relationship with your dog. They’ll also teach you the techniques needed to prevent any potential problems from surfacing down the track.

Increasing companionship

Spending time learning about your dog and teaching them socialization and behavioral skills will increase the companionship they provide in return. Having a well-trained dog not only makes the owner proud but also increases the fun and enjoyment levels when spending time together. You’ll enjoy your pup’s company just as much as they’ll enjoy yours.

Teaching a dog the skills and behavioral habits they need to build happy and healthy relationships with their owners is no easy task. Hiring a professional dog trainer has plenty of long-lasting benefits that will increase the fun, enjoyment, and companionship your dog can offer you and your family. If you’re looking for a professional dog trainer in Sydney, get in touch with Mad Dogs & Englishmen by phoning 0406 120 191.


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